Date Night At Home

I have become such a homebody since quarantine. I worked from home for months and although I was eager to get back into an office setting, I did enjoy being at home cuddling with my pups while working. My husband also gets home in the afternoon from work, so I also got to spend more time with him as well.

In 2020, for my husbands birthday, we were supposed to go out west and visit some of the national parks in Arizona and Utah. For obvious reasons, we were in quarantine and couldn’t leave the house. Of course I felt horrible that after all the planning and anticipation, we weren’t able to go. I planned on making a “yurt” outside of our house and sett up a place where we could watch a movie outdoors, but unfortunately, it was pouring rain the whole day. I had to make do with the idea indoors. I still love how it turned out! I took fishing line and hung a sheet from wall to wall and added Christmas lights so we could “lay under the stars”. I used our projector to play a movie. It was perfect and such a simple way to make him feel loved and appreciated on his birthday.

I laid out a snack tray with some of his favorite snacks, and of course, popcorn! We had a great time watching baseball and we even got the pups to join us.

It really is the little things that are the most memorable. Even though we didn’t get to go out west for his birthday, I’m so glad we got to spend it at home with our fur babies.

I put a digital fire on the screen before my husband got home to add to the coziness. It’s too hot here in Georgia in September to turn the real fireplace on LOL. As soon as he got home, we had to turn baseball on to watch the Atlanta Braves.

I’m here to tell you that the little gestures mean the most. These are the things you will remember most as you get older. I would much rather have a night in, in a sheet tent with our little family over going out to a fancy restaurant any day! These are how the memories are made. You do what you can in the moment.

I hope I have inspired you to do something simple for your loved one. They will realize the work you put in to make them feel loved.

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