MacKenzie Childs Inspired Pumpkin DIY

Spooky season is here! If you’re like me (on a budget), then you know how expensive MacKenzie Childs accessories are. Telling by how you clicked the link of this blog, you probably are like me and want the look for less. Well, you’re in luck! I took outdoor pumpkins and painted them to look Makenzie Childs inspired and they turned out SO cute! It was a quick and easy process. You can also do indoor pumpkins for indoor decor, but I was mainly focusing on my front porch.

I started with outdoor pumpkins that look like the above. I knew I wanted to use these for the whole season, so after Halloween, I will turn the pumpkins around so you can’t see their faces from the front.

Here are the pumpkins from MacKenzie Childs I loved for inspiration.

First, I drew the lines I needed for all the patterns and then went in with a color.

I had to go over each color with a couple of coats before I could make the streaks disappear. I also want to point out that these pumpkins are not perfect and they are hand painted. I did not use a stencil to do any of this. I free handed.

Below is an example of the types of pumpkins I found at stores to paint. I would not use the blue color to decorate with for Halloween or fall in general. The good thing is, it doesn’t matter what they look like if you’re going to paint them.

After painting all the pumpkins, I sealed them with a spray paint to protect the color.

Here is the finished product! I am so happy with how they turned out. They really helped elevate my aesthetic as well. I can’t wait to see what they look like when I transition the porch for thanksgiving too!

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