DIY Spooky Pool Noodle Candles for Under $7

This is by far one of the coolest, easiest and cheapest DIYs that I have done! All with things from the dollar tree!

I cut each pool noodle to various heights because I will be grouping them together on a cardboard base. It does not matter the height you cut them. It’s your preference. Don’t worry about making the edges perfect – real burning candles are not perfectly square on top!

I grabbed a piece of cardboard and traced a perfect circle with one of my chargers. After that, I used my X-Acto knife to cut out the circle. This will be the base that the candles are secured to so they won’t fall over. A special thanks to my cousin, Cheyenne for helping me out with this!

I secured the noodles to the cardboard with hot glue. I also made faux wax on the noodles with my hot glue gun and mimicked the fall of hot wax on a burning candle. This makes them look more realistic. I also bought spider rings from the Dollar Tree and black florals from there as well to add to the candles once I spray painted them.

After putting the spiders on, I spray painted the noodles and the cardboard black. You can spray paint these any Halloween color you like, but black is spookiest! I then added the spiders and floral pieces. I’m obsessed with this DIY piece and it was so easy and fun to create! I also added these flickering tea light candles. You can shop them here.

I’m so in love with these faux candles. It turned out better than I expected and it definitely passes the spooky vibe check. You can’t beat this for under $7! If you try out this craft, be sure to tag my Facebook page, @Kaytlen Young and my Instagram @kaytlenpyoung. Happy crafting!



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