My Favorite Carry On Items

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I don’t know about you, but I would rather be 40,000 feet in the air headed to a vacation destination! I love being above the clouds and watching them change color as the sun sets or rises. If you’re going on a trip soon and need guidance on what to bring on the plane, have no fear! My favorite items to take in my carry on are listed below.


Air Pods

A good book – Currently reading Outlander

Lotion, Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizing wipes

Neck Pillow

A light Sweater

Eye Mask


Laptop/Tablet – download Netflix episodes before you leave for your trip. You need wifi to download.


Chewing gum/Mints

Wisp Disposable Toothbrush/Toiletries you may need

Portable charger/cords – I’ve sat in quite a few seats where the USB port didn’t work

Compact LED mirror

Notebook, Pens to jot down thoughts/ideas


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