DIY Under the Porch Privacy

We finally finished our side porch privacy screen! This was a project I had been wanting to do for a while, but just hadn’t got around to doing it. We finished this while we were updating our landscaping on the side of our house, and what better time to do it than while you’re fixing the yard.

For this project, I picked up lumber from Home Depot and concrete screws. You can find all of the materials I used below.

Cutting our Wood to Size

For this project you will need:

  • Drill
  • Bubble level
  • 2x4x8 cut to whatever size height you need for the sides
  • 1x2x8 cut to whatever size width you need to run the span across the porch
  • 1x6x8 cut to whatever size width you need to run the span across the porch
  • Nail gun, nails and compressor
  • Tape measure
  • Saw
  • Concrete screws (depending on what you need to drill the 2x4s into) I used Tapcon Screws.
Before the Woodwork

We had leftover stain from where our porch was already painted two summers ago, so we just used what we had leftover. In our case, we could not drill into the grout because our home is older. The grout would not hold the screws. We had to drill directly into the brick.

I wanted this style because I wanted something more modern looking than lattice. We spaced each board 1″ apart from each other so we could still get airflow to underneath the porch.

I love the way it turned out! No more ugly dirt! This project was super easy and only took a few hours. It was well worth it.

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