DIY Horse for Photo Wall/Wreath

We host a Kentucky Derby party every year and I needed something different for our photo wall. I had the idea of what I wanted in my head, but could not find it anywhere to purchase. So, I made one myself.

This took no time to make and I absolutely love it! I am going to attach it to a wreath for my front door next year.

Below are step by step images on how I made this.

  1. I free handed the side profile of a horse head onto a foam core board
  2. I cut out the tracing of the horse with an X-acto knife
  3. I hot glued the the moss to the foam core and started pushing the rose stems through the board to secure them
  4. I spray painted a piece of cardboard gold for the halter on the horse and cut it into thin strips
  5. I hot glued the thin strips of cardboard to the moss

This was the finished product. I was so happy how it turned out for how cheap it was to make and how fast it took to make as well. Check out my Kentucky Derby Theme Party blog post here.

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