Disney World in Two Days

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All you need to know to complete two successful days at Disney World! We went to all the parks – Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. The good thing about the park not operating at full capacity are the short(ish) wait times! The longest period of time we waited was about 45 minutes. You have to wear your mask in every park, but you can take your mask off to take as many pictures as you’d like. You also cannot eat and walk at the same time. You can only eat while stationary since you have to take your mask off. They are checking your temperature at every park before you get in, and even at Disney Springs.

With COVID, you are able to get the park hopper and go to another park after 2 pm. You do not need a reservation for that second park after 2 pm. You are required to buy your tickets for that day and then you have to make a reservation for that specific park that you’re going to. Many people have bought their tickets and then not made a reservation for the park they’re going to. You cannot get in before 2 pm if you haven’t made a reservation and they’re full.

The first day, we flew in that morning and went straight to Epcot. The weather was not so great and it was pouring. We finally made it to the building that Soarin was in. Our feet were soaked and our ponchos were leaking through. Before we rode Soarin, we ate in the cafeteria for lunch. The wait for Soarin was about 30 minutes. After we got off the ride, we started walking around the park. The Flower and Garden Festival was going on and all of the florals were gorgeous! We walked around the world, ate and drank! Test Track was open this time we went, so we were happy we could ride that! The Frozen Ever After ride was too cute.

Once we got closer to 2 pm, we rode the Skyliner over to Hollywood Studios since we could use our park hopper after that time without a reservation. The Skyliner is a fast way to get to some of the parks and not have to wait on a bus to get there. Once we got to Hollywood Studios, we ran to Tower of Terror and Rockin Roller Coaster. We did not have time to go into the Star Wars part or Toy Story, because we were running out of time. To really do all the parks in both days, you have to have a game plan before you get there. Tower of Terror was the longest wait time. It took us almost an hour.

*TIP: Download the Disney World app, that way you can keep track of the wait times for rides.

We went to Disney Springs for dinner and ate at The Boathouse. This place is amazing! Their steak sliders are to die for and the view if you sit outside is so pretty at sunset. They even have a boat inside that you can sit inside of and eat, how fun! Of course, we also went to a donut shop for desert called Everglazed by the orange garage. I got a donut that had Fruity Pebbles on top with strawberry icing. Delicious! They also have iced coffee.

The second day, we went to Animal Kingdom. We rode almost every ride in this park. Avatar is my favorite ride that Disney World has! It is one of those magical rides that make you feel like a little kid. I can’t explain how it makes me feel, but it is the coolest! Everest is also a great ride at animal kingdom. The safari ride is fun and great for small children. I would not recommend A Bug’s Life for smaller children, because I can see how it can be a bit traumatizing for them LOL. We hung out in this park a little before 2 pm and then went to the resort and caught a bus to take to Magic Kingdom. I think things are different from the last time I went, because we had to ride the monorail from the bus drop off and the last time we just walked straight to the gate from the bus drop off. It may be different because of COVID.

As soon as we got inside the park, we went straight to ride the Mine Train and then to Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain. This time, we thought we would also ride the go-carts since it was only a 5 minute wait. We walked around and of course we took pictures in front of the castle. Some other rides that are my favorite in Magic Kingdom are Big Thunder, Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. They have said that the water in Pirates of the Caribbean smells amazing, and it does! They are also still doing parades and some meet and greets with the characters, but the meet and greets are from afar for social distancing.

Once it got dark, we went to get a churro and snacks. We also tried to get into the emporium for a couple of sweatshirts, but the line was wrapped around the building. I would suggest going during the day when it isn’t as crowded. We also decided to take a bus to Epcot after leaving Magic Kingdom. It seemed like a good idea, but then my feet started killing me. Two parks in one day is already enough! We rode Frozen Ever After again and then went around shopping and grabbed a bite to eat.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my Disney trip! I hope I helped you plan your own trip as well.



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