Outer Banks Merch Roundup

If you’re like me, you’ve been binge watching Outer Banks ever since the first season came out. I love all the cheesiness, the mystery and the romance. The second season made my obsession with the show grow even more. These pieces are perfect for all you Outer Banks stans.

I’ve searched the web for the cutest merchandise I could find for this show and not only does the show have merch, but you can find actual Outer Banks, North Carolina merch if you don’t want anything from the show to be on the products. Now, you can be the inner Pogue that you are!

Shop Outer Banks Merch

You can shop all of these items here. Not only are these items the perfect pieces to start adding to your collection, but these are handmade by people, which makes it even more of a reason to buy! We love supporting people.

Shop Stickers

Aren’t these the CUTEST stickers?! I can’t wait to get these and stick them on my Yeti cooler. Add them wherever you want them! Your insulated water cups, your laptop, car. You name it!

Thanks for stopping by and letting my interrupt your binge watching time!



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